Employment and Work

There are many work and career opportunities on the Whitsunday Islands and within Airlie Beach. Most of the opportunities are connected to the hospitality industry and give those seeking employment a chance to stay a little longer in this wonderful paradise setting. It is also an ideal way to learn new skills and meet new and interesting people, and really get the ‘feel’ of the place, while earning some money.

None of the Islands have employment bureaus of their own. However, Airlie beach, and other main centers have employment bureaus which offer recourses and information, availability of opportunities and accommodation and expert knowledge and training facilities available for gaining employment on a Whitsunday Island. These bureaus are a good place to start looking for work

Overseas travellers may need a working visa. Australia is one of many countries which participate in the Working Holiday Maker visa scheme. Two of the main criteria for obtaining an Australian working visa is that travellers are between 18 and 30 years of age and are without dependant children.

Temporary work is a great way to extend and expand your holiday, or even make your holiday your ‘way of life’.

Recruitment Agencies

Action Workforce & National Institute of Training
MS Dawn Hughes
1 Cumberland House, 2 Island Drive, CANNONVALE, QLD, 4802
tel: 07 4948 1221

LP Recruitment Group
Ms Natalie Moore
PO Box 1444, AIRLIE BEACH, QLD, 4802.00
tel: 07 4948 7777

MRAEL Limited
Mrs Jan Sharp
PO Box 643, MACKAY, QLD, 4740.00
07 4957 9810

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  1. jeff lord, 9 years ago

    looking 4 a job as an electrician on an island

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  2. Bill Nugent, 9 years ago

    looking for a job on an island in the hospitality trade, weather it requires barwork or kitcken work

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  3. derick spiller, 9 years ago

    looking for job on island for myself and partner which she is a nurse and im a handyman also need acomadation

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  4. Chris Binkley and Kerry Plant, 9 years ago

    Young couple seeking work on island resort. Chris Binkley- licensed plumber and gasfitter with 9 years experience in all areas, including maintenance and large projects such as highrise. Kerry Plant-10 years hospitality experience including restaurant manager, silver service, bar, front office and gaming with both RSA and RSG certificate. Eager to start asap!

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  5. Rachel & Melinda, 9 years ago

    two cousins looking for employment on island for anything available in hopitality!looking for experience. Rachel- completed cert 4 in business (HR) and diploma. Melinda qualified beautician. Also needing accomadation.Both have obtained RSA certificate.

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  6. Casey & WIll, 9 years ago

    hi, we’re looking for jobs over the uni summer (3months approx), were from New Zealand, and have both had one year experience working in bars. anything available in hospitality would be great. also would need accomadation, thank you.

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  7. karlee, 9 years ago

    looking for a job in a resort as a massage/ beauty therapist.

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  8. Kimberleigh, 9 years ago

    Looking at working somewhere on the whitsundays or somewhere away. I live in brisbane, and I am currently working in a bar, i have my RSA, im 19, just looking at whats available. Am keen to start something new. I am open to anything that is available. I will need somewhere to stay, but am prepared to pay for accomodation etc..
    Kimberleigh W

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  9. melina hormozi, 9 years ago

    hey my name is melina. i cuurently live in sydney and finished my hairdressing apprenticeship in some reputable salons like toni&guy. my partner and i are looking to move to the whitsundays asap. he is a security gaurd and has been doing doorman work for 12 years. please let me know when something available comes up?? cheers

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  10. rebecca fitzgerald, 9 years ago

    Hi im rebecca. Im currently doing my last year of college in New Zealand and are looking for a job and accomodation options next year for two in the Whitsundays. Appx for 6months. Partner is a qulified lifegaurd and i am looking for a job in hospitality/bar work. Was just hoping for some more information.
    Thanks Rebecca

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  11. rachael pratt, 9 years ago

    Hey, i am just about to come back to Australia after working in Canada for almost two year and i am not looking to settle back down in Sydney yet.
    i have been working in the hospitality industry and closely associated with tourism. i am just looking to see what jobs are available around the Whitsundays and if they come with available staff accommodation?
    Thank you

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  12. Roxy, 9 years ago

    Hi, I am a 51 year old Australian female. I have been working in Taiwan for 3 years as an English teacher. I have a Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education.

    I am interested in employment in Airlie Beach of the Whitsunday Islands. Initially in (hopefully Reception) with a view to gaining experience and advancing to higher level middle management positions.

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  13. MIRANDA JOHNS, 9 years ago

    Hi, My name is Miranda and I am a Qualified Australian hairdresser. I am seeking a hairdressing position on an island and I am available for immediate start. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind reguards.

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  14. Louis Lefebvre, 9 years ago

    Hello i’m from french part of Canada but speak english fluently. I have ever been outgoing and hardworker so both hospitality or cleaning would be perfect to fit a 2 month working in the areas. I have experience in both domains. I Can start as soon as possible.
    Thank you!

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  15. Janine Henry, 9 years ago

    Hello I am a 23 year old Canadian female looking for work. I am a qualified chef in Canada. I am looking for any kind of work. I have extensive experience in the hospitality industry.


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  16. Melissa Mcconomy, 9 years ago

    Hi, I 26 year old Canadian looking for work on the islands. I have 12 years experience in the hospitality industry. I am looking for work in restaurants or bars. I am currently working as a waitress and bartender in a 5 star resort in the sunshine coast and looking to move north. Please contact me as I am egar to start now. Thanks!

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  17. Dane, 9 years ago

    I am an electrician currently have my own firm in Norway,have worked in Sweden,England and Australia also… are looking for a lifestyle change a job on the island aswell as some diving opertunities….

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  18. Joanna Saunders, 9 years ago

    Hi, My name is Joanna, I’m 22, travelling from England and looking for work within hospitality (bar work preferably) I have lots of experience in this profession and able to start a.s.a.p look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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  19. Jan Singer, 9 years ago

    Hi,i’m Jan,i’m a 30 years old male from germany.travel around NZ and OZ since 2005 where i worked in quiet some restaurants and showgrounds.i’m already 7 years in hospitality, including 2 years apprenticeship in germany, where i got trained in all front of house areas.from the regular a la carte service/wineservice over bar up to planning menus and functions.now i’m looking for an oppurtunity to extend my knowledge,work where other people make holidays and meet more great people/teams to work with.i would be able to start a.s.a.p. and look for an employment for minimum 6 month.i’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.Thank you.

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  20. Caryke Grobler, 9 years ago

    Hey, Im a 22 year old female. I live in South Africa and im looking for any kind of work from Nov 2008 till the end of January 2009 on a island or somewhere fun. Im a internationally qualified cidesco beautician and have working experience.I also have done a lot of promotion work which include the Australian company RM Williams in SA. Im busy with my degree in B Com Marketing and tourism. I also have a friend that needs any kind of work. She is a 23 year old female with a degree in BIC Health Science, Honours in Psycology and busy with her Masters in research Psycology.We are looking forward to hear from you soon.Thanks

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  21. vicky hagerty, 9 years ago

    I am travelling with a friend and the two of us are looking for employment in the resorts on the whitsunday islands. We both have experience in the hospitality industry and are competent waitresses and bar tenders. We have just arrived in Airlie Beach and are looking to stay for a few months work permitting. Our previous job was at a hotel/pub in QLD and our responsibilities included bar work, light cooking, chamber maid chores and cleaning.
    I (vicky) have had previous experience in activity organising for children and young people and also speak Spanish fluently and French to a good conversational level.

    Jess is a New Zealand resident and has experience in bar jobs and liquor outlets.

    We are both very outgoing freindly girls and are keen to start work as soon as possible and are available immediately.
    We have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and any work available would be appreciated.

    Please contact us if anything becomes available.

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  22. Jim Lysaght, 9 years ago

    Working in Vietnam since April 2007
    1m 40 years of Age – NZ passport
    Manager of a 18 bedroom – Hotel resort on Phu Quoc Island – Vietnam – http://www.cassiacottage.com

    Have extensive experience in hospitality
    Looking for a 2 – 4 year project

    Have worked in – Perth – France- Scotland- UK owned 2x Restaurants & Catering company in NZ for 7 years

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  23. James Troy, 9 years ago

    irish backpacker in airlie and loving it so would love a job here…..any job as long as im not picking tomatoes!!my num is 0434894131

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  24. Michael Power, 9 years ago

    My girlfriend and I are looking for jobs on an Island. My girlfriend has experience in Resort work. And has worked at a waitress all over the world. I have experience behind the bar, working in Young and Jackson in Melbourne and bars in Brisbane.

    Reply to mikepower74@hotmail.com

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  25. Chloe & Rosie, 9 years ago

    My name is Chloe and my friend and Rosie and I are looking for employment over the summer (late Nov-March). We are University students from NZ. Both of us have a range of hospitality experience including Bar Service, Barista, Food Prep & Service. I have also worked as a cleaner in a 5 star hotel and Chch NZ. We have both had experience with children and I have worked as a Youth Coordinator at a Children’s Holiday programme. We would like to find a job on a resort where we can live on site and make lots of friends!

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  26. Mary Mckay, 9 years ago

    My name is Mary and I am a licensed Massage Therapist looking for a Massage therapy job opening. I want travel and experience different things. I would love your help in finding a job in a spa over there. THANkyou

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  27. Mary Mckay, 9 years ago

    I forgot to include I am form the U.S.

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  28. Mary Mckay, 9 years ago

    My name is Mary and I live in the US and am a licensed Massage Therapist looking for a Massage therapy job opening. I want travel and experience different things. I would love your help in finding a job in a spa over there. I

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  29. jessica reid, 9 years ago

    Hi,my names jess im 18 years of age and 3rd year apprentice hairdresser previoulsy worked for toni & guy in sydney. Looking to finish my apprenticeship & a change of lifestyle. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  30. Duncan Foster, 9 years ago

    My name is Duncan I am 23 yrs old. I am a qualified joiner on a 12 month working visa from the UK. I am experienced in most aspects of hospitality work. Have also worked in sales in real estate. I am not afraid of hard work and am willing to try anything to keep the cash flow going.

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  31. Charmaine and Kehani, 9 years ago

    Hey, We are both 20 years old and looking to travel and would love to work in a resort!!! we are both very determined workers and any help would be hugely appreciated

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  32. Steve Janicki, 9 years ago

    Have bought a house at Cannonvale, looking at relocating to Cannonvale approx. April 2009. Will be seeking employment when I settle there from Melbourne. My background is facilities mgmt at Defence sites & a Shipyard for the Aust/NZ Navies, I am nearing retirement age & need to lower my job responsiblity levels. I am a very dedicated & hardworking employee.

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  33. Andrew, 9 years ago

    hi i am a concretor looking for work but have done a snow season in the kitchen prepared to do any thing

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  34. Elli, 9 years ago

    hi, me and my friend are looking for hospitality work for 2009 for a duration of 6 months? we live in Melbourne and are very keen to come up for some work, we are 18 and 19 yrs old. we would need accommodation. thanks

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  35. rodney kersting, 9 years ago

    hi im rodney kersting im 29 years old and have been crayfishing in geraldton and the abrolhos islands for the past 15 years since i was 14.

    im at the moment at challenger tafe completing my master 5, med2, marine shipboard safety, seniors first aid, and marine radio operators tickets.

    i have alot of experience in all aspects of boats from maintnance to driving and sea knowledge and duty of care to me and surrounding people.

    im looking for work full time as skipper of charter boat in any area of whitsundays possible or other surrounding areas.

    my email is

    mobile is

    hope to hear any news back from you

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  36. Penny Wynn, 9 years ago

    I’m a Sydney University student looking for some temporary holiday work in a resort, preferably bar/events/tourism work. Summer holidays commence half way through November until the beginning of March 2008. I have an RSA and RCG and experience in restaurants and promotions.

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  37. Alaina Homan, 9 years ago

    Hi, my names alaina, im a 19 year old living in NZ and am currently studying at university. I as well as my friend (also studying at university) are very keen to work at a resort in the Whitsunday Islands. We are looking to work and stay on the resort so that we have the opportunity to meet heaps of people and build friendships. The time period that we wish for this to happen is from late December (after christmas) till late feburary, however we are flexible!!

    we are friendly, outgoing people who are extremely responsible and are looking for an adventure!!

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  38. Ainsley and Louise, 9 years ago

    Hi there,

    We are two 2nd year University students from New Zealand looking for work from early Dec to late Feb 2008-09. I have had extensive work in customer service and am currently studying towards my Bachelor of Primary Teaching, while Louise has had a year’s worth of bar experience.
    We are looking to work and stay at a resort, we are fast learners and are willing to consider any job!

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  39. Kate Stonestreet, 9 years ago

    I am a qualified massage therapist looking for work at a resort after christmas for one or two months. Will need accomadation. I am a hard worker and friendly and confident. Any help finding a job would be greatly appreciated.

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  40. Brodie Marshall, 9 years ago

    Hi there,

    We are two 2nd year university students from Victoria seeking work from mid november 08 until mid mid feb 09. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Criminology and have about 4 years experience in cafes, retail etc and have a current RSA. Devon is studying Media and Communications/Journalism and has worked previously in retail and hospitality and also has a current RSA.

    We are both flexible, reliable and quick learners so any opportunities would be greatly appreciated!

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  41. Christian George, 9 years ago

    My name is christian george i am looking for employment on an island or in Airlie beach itself. I am travelling around australia with my girlfriend and am from the south coast/jervis bay area. we are enthusiastic and motivated and ready to tackle any position head on. I hold my RSA and RCG certificates and would prefer work in the hospitality industry although i will do anything. i have little experience although i am willing to work for free to gain this experience for up to 2 weeks for a prospective employer. i am contactable on 0421458100 anytime.

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  42. Paul, Ben & Josh, 9 years ago

    Hey there, me and two of my friends are seeking Christmas work from November till February. We are Uni students looking for any jobs available. We have RSA’s. We’re hard workers, but are very easy to get along with. Any information is appreciated.
    Email: lil_shak7@hotmail.com

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  43. dhmhtr;ios, 9 years ago

    Είμαι από Ελλάδα και ζητώ εργασία στην Αυστραλία και
    Είμαι ζαχαροπλάστης και τα τελευταία χρόνια βγάζω και ψωμί

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  44. Belinda and Tabetha, 9 years ago

    Hi there, we are both uni students searching for work over the Christmas holidays. We are available from Novemeber through to Febuary. We both currently hold RSA and RCG certificates. Belinda has working in a bar for seven months, while Tabetha will be working at the Bathurst 1000 this year. We are both enthusiastic and would love any information you can provide us with regarding work during this time period. THank you.

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  45. Charlie Trafford, 9 years ago


    I finished year 12 on the Gold Coast some 5 years ago then traveled to Europe before starting my apprenticeship.

    After I finished my apprenticeship, I moved to Bundaberg to help my folks renovate their home.

    For 8 months I have been landscaping, helping their builder tiling, laying pavers, plumbing (recently qualified plumber)cabinet making etc and really enjoyed the varity of work

    I have been to Heron Island both with my school and with my parents and fully realise the isolated nature of such (possible) employment on a Barrier Reef island but love the outdoor life I also hold an open water dive certificate.. I enjoy working with people and certainly not introverted !!!! and (some years ago) did a bar / hospitality course.

    I fully realise the difficulties of holding staff in isolated locations, but having traveled extensively I feel I am now ready to settle down having recently bought (and rented out) a unit on the Gold Coast, I hope to work for a few years and pay off the mortgage.

    I am also prepared (and would prefer)to try something new, i.e. work out side my trade, and feel I can turn my hand to most things having picked up various skills during my apprenticeship, and whilst working both here and overseas

    I am fit, a non smoker have a valid (Queensland) driving licence and a blue card (safety induction card) and prepared to start immediately,

    I am no stranger to hard work and very enthusiastic and really prepared to give anything a go. I would love to become a member of the team, proof of trade qualification etc can be provided on request.

    Hope to hear from you soon (e-mail or phone) as I plan to return to Brisbane this Friday on the tilt train but really apart from catching up with some friends there is no reason why I couldn’t head north instead….

    Charles Trafford

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  46. Kate Dean, 9 years ago

    Hi, my name is a kate. I am 25 years of age and am currently living in Sydney. I am a primary school teacher originally, but have taken 18 months off to travel. My friend Alex and I have just completed a snow season in Jindabyne NSW where we took on a number of hospitality rolls, and I have had experience in waitressing, food preparation, cleaning and housekeeping and bar service. We are moving to Airlie Beach mid to late October and are looking to stay until the end of March 2008. We are very interested in finding work prior to our arrival, in a fun and energetic environment. We are also looking to find accommodation. We look forward to hearing from you. Kate and Alex

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  47. Carla Phillips, 9 years ago

    Hi, my name is Carla. I am originally from Brisbane and have been traveling around up north for some life experience. I have worked as a Finance & Admin officer for the last 4 years with Child Safety. I am currently in need of some cash flow so would appreciated any work from washing dishes to admin. I have not done hospitality but i am a fast learner and very keen. I could also do with accomodation, i am currently in Mackay but will travel to whitsundays. Thanx

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  48. Hamish, 9 years ago

    Hi im looking for a job as a bar tender in a resort between Cairns and Brisbane from 22 Nov until 31 Dec. My experience is limited to the customers side of the bar but I am keen to learn I think I would make a great bar tender. Feel free to check out my facebook or request references.

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  49. Rachel Tuddenham, 9 years ago

    My name is Rachel Tuddenham and I am a 21 yr old female who is currently looking for a Full Time position. I have previously returned from experiencing life working and travelling around Europe for the last 10 months. I worked on the Greek islands for 3 months in a 3 star hotel.I have over 5 years experiance within the hospitality industry and enjoy the challenges that come with the job. I would like to gain 3-4 months work on any island in either a waitressing or bar service position. I have my rsa and enjoy chatting with people from all over the country and world! I would appreciate any information of the best way to obtain work in this area.


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  50. School Semester Abroad, 9 years ago

    That was a great post. I will have to bookmark this site so I can read more later.

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  51. Lauren Harris, 8 years ago

    Hi my name is Lauren Harris and I am looking for information on how to go about finding work in the whitsundays over the summer? I have bar/cocktail/reception/customer service experience and would love the opportunity to work in the beautiful whitsundays. I am previously from overseas (England) but now have citizenship and live and study in Sydney.



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  52. Zoe, 8 years ago

    Hi, My name is Zoe, my good friend Tori and I are currently searching for information on holiday season jobs. We are university students seeking experience during the Christmas break. We are up for anything that requires two female students! Accommodation that is provided would be a bonus! Hear from you soon i hope 🙂

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  53. Jessica, 8 years ago

    Hey there,

    My name is Jess and im 21 year old. I am looking for work starting as soon as possible untill Feb/March next year. Im up for any bar/restaurant work, or any work around a resort. Accommodation included would be great. Thanks!


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  54. Master MCSE, 8 years ago

    هل يوجد وظائف ضمن مجال الكمبيوتر وبشتى المجالات ،ولدي الخبرة في العمل على المخزون ومتابعة الامور الادارية

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  55. nick, 8 years ago

    My name is nick, im a 21 year old. I am looking for work starting as soon as possible for however long it lasts. Im up for any bar/restaurant work, or any work around a resort. Accommodation included would be great. Thanks!


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  56. Tim Wallace, 8 years ago

    Hey there,

    I am 20 years old and am looking for work starting middle of November until late Feb next year. I have considerable experience in the hospitality industry. Accommodation included would be great.



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  57. Tallon Smith, 8 years ago


    i’m looking for a job over the uni summer holiday (3 months approx), i am from australia, and have had previous experience in behind the bar (i have an RSA). however, i am looking for pretty much any job avalible. i would also need accomadation.

    thank heaps!!!! might cya soon

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  58. Emma, 8 years ago


    Im looking for a full time job as soon as possible til as long as 8-12 months.

    i have hospitality operations cert 2 and experience in the hospitality industry and i have experience in the retail industry…
    i would also need accomadation.

    kind regards

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  59. Camille and Sam, 8 years ago

    Hi, we are both tertiary studying female students (one studying Commerce while the other, Nursing)aged 20 looking for work over the Uni summer holidays (approx. 3 months from Nov – Feb). We are both from New Zealand and have worked mainly in the area of retail/food; ranging from cafes, restaurants, clothing stores, supermarkets, vineyards and food franchises). Very keen in working in the beautiful Whitsundays as have heard that it is an awesome experience. Accomodation included would be great. Hope to hear from you. Cheers, Camille and Sam

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  60. Ashleigh, 8 years ago

    Hey Sun Dwellers!

    My best friend and i will be arriving in Ailrie Beach on the 29th of Dec 2008 and staying until atleast the end of summer!

    We’re seeking employment for the entirety of our stay! Both of us work as waitresses (serving food and alcohol, we have our RSA), hold other retail jobs, and have great people skills!

    We have our first two weeks of accomodation booked. Able to start as soon as we arrive!

    We also have another mate arriving early January with the same kind of experience.

    Look forward to any replies!

    Ash and Bec 🙂

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  61. Ashleigh, 8 years ago

    Oh and I forgot, we’re 21 y/o.
    An important detail!

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  62. Marie-Eve, 8 years ago

    Hi we are two people estern Canada that speak english but we’d like to improve it by working.
    We’re really goods hardworkers so both hospitality or cleaning would be perfect!
    I have experience in hospitality, i was a manager in a restaurant, i work there 6 years!

    We are looking for work starting as soon as it possible for however long it lasts.


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  63. Kate, 8 years ago

    Hi my names Kate, from the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Im currently 17 years of age and will be going 18 in April. I have just recently completed year 12 and looking for fulltime work asap in hospitality as a waitress or childcare.when im 18 i am keen to work behind a bar.I have experience in hospitality and have completed a certificate 1 & 2 for hospaitlity and a certificate 1 in business service.
    look forward to hearing from you and thankyou for your time


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  64. Brooke Higgins, 8 years ago

    Hi, I’m Brooke I’m 19 years old, turn 20 early next year. I live in Adelaide and looking to relocate to Arlie beach early January 2009.

    I’m seeking part time/full time employment. Currently working as a waitress in an award winning restaurant. I have also had experience in retail working in a surf shop.
    I have gained the following qualifications:

    International yacht training “Super yacht Crew” certification
    International yacht training “Small Power Boat and RIB Master”
    S.T.C.W. basic safety training certification
    WEA- certificate 1 in hospitality (operations)
    WEA-YAA Young achievements awards small business management course certificate 1 and 2

    I’m looking for work either on a charter yacht as a stewardess host, as a waitress in a restaurant or cafe or as a sales person in a retail store.

    Look forward to hearing a favourable response
    Kind regards Brooke Higgins

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  65. Megan, 8 years ago

    Hi –

    I’ve recently relocated to Hamilton Island with my boyfriend for his work. I am going through the permanent residency process right now and am looking for contract work around the Whitsundays – no accommodation is needed. I have previous hospitality experience, photography/editing and human resources experience. I can provide an ABN number.

    Would be happy to provide a CV on request. Thanks!

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  66. Jason English, 8 years ago


    24 Yo NZ male looking for fresh start to the new year im a qualified open water dive instructor with little experience, been working as a chef for last 6 yrs

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  67. Aleisha, 8 years ago

    Recently finished VCE, experience in hospitaily since 14. Currently 18. Looking for work on Island with Partner 23, experience across all domains.

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  68. Catherine, 8 years ago

    Hello im a 22yo female looking for full time work and acomodation. I have bar and waitressing experience. I am currently living in victoria but are wanting to relocate to Airley beach asap. Happy to forward resume. Hope to hear from you soon.

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  69. mira, 8 years ago

    worked in Europe and USA as well…now looking for work on islands(anywhere)mostly construction -tile and stone work..(7 years experience)dependable and quality work..

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  70. Megan Michielsen, 8 years ago

    Hi my name is Megan, I am currently in perth Western Australia but will be coming over to Airlie Beach within the next 2 weeks. I was born and grew up in Perth, but enjoy travelling and lived in Airlie for a year in 2007. Here I have been working for Rottnest Express doing hosting, sales & marketing and reservations. I also have a lot of expreience in hospitality. I hold a current Senior First Certificate and also completed RSA, and are willing to get any more qualifications that may be needed and forward on my resume. I plan to stay in Airlie for a minimum of 12 months. I look forward to hearing back from you. 🙂

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  71. natasha, 8 years ago

    Hi im natasha im 20years old, im looking for work in beauty therapy industry fully qualified with Itec certificate and diploma with two years experience in the industry have been working in newzealand. would need accomodation.

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  72. Jackson Tickets, 8 years ago

    Well said, finally a good report on this stuff

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  73. lucky, 8 years ago


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  74. Briar, 8 years ago

    Hey there, Am 22 year old female who works for QLD govt, as a Senior Project officer. Partner relocating for full time -5mnth contract as builder. Have admin exp. Retail, hospo. Hope you can help! looking for move ASAP

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  75. Brooke and Daniel, 8 years ago

    Hi, me and my partner are looking to obtain work on one of the Islands. We are a young couple living in Noosa Heads and are looking for a lifestyle change and the opporunity to see one of our most prestigious areas.
    I Brooke am currently working in hospitality, and Daniel is working as an outdoor education instructor.
    We are open to try anything though, and would be willing to move whenever we are required, and we have no time limit on how long to stay there for.
    Thanks hope to hear from you soon

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  76. Daniel Kelley, 8 years ago

    Hi my name Daniel im 23 years old and currently live in Bundaberg. I am very interested in working in the hospitality industry on one of your islands, I have cert 1 and 3 in hospitality and have great customer service skills. I also have 2 years experience in landscaping, yard maintinance and construction. If you currently have no positions could you recommend any other job leads. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Daniel Kelley.

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  77. Olivia, 8 years ago

    Hi my name is Olivia Ferreira,
    I am looking for a job on an island as a bar tender I currently have 3 years experience in working as a bartender at a Golf Club & am looking to further my career & a change of lifestyle. Im outgoing & friendly.

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  78. Joe, 8 years ago

    Hi, my name is Joe, Im 18 years old and looking for bar work in airlie beach in the next 2 weeks. I have experience in hospitality, and work as a cook. now considering my options and want to try something new. Intelligent, enthusiastic, and a cracking CV!
    thank you

       -   Reply
  79. Alana, 8 years ago

    Hi, I’m Alana. I am 18 years old and have just returned from working over in Lord Howe Island for 4 months. I worked for a dive and cruise business while completeing my open water, advanced open water and rescue diving certificate. I also worked at a lodge as a casual worker, housekeeping and waitressing. I would love to experience work on another island. I live in Australia and would love to start work in summer.

       -   Reply
  80. Vicky Edwards and Kris Brennan, 8 years ago

    Hi, My partner and I wish to apply for positions within your company. I, Vicky Edwards am applying for a position in the pastry department of the kitchen. I have extensive experience, in the hospitality industry and am a qualified Pastry Commis Chef.
    My partner, Kristoffer Brennan wishes to apply for a position within your retail sector. He has extensive experience in retail, sales and customer service positions.
    We look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read our application as we know that your time is very precious. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Vicky Edwards & Kris Brennan

       -   Reply
  81. brett, 8 years ago

    21yr old qualified painter looking for work around the whitsundays currantly in cannonvale only here for 2 more months, have experience portering and doing activities on islands.

       -   Reply
  82. Jessica Hamblin, 8 years ago

    Hi my names Jessica and me and my friend are looking for work for a uni breaks. We are both 21 and are looking for work for approx. 3-4 months. She has expirience in bars and has her RSA and i am looking for retail or tourism employemnt as i have had many years expirience in customer service. Also need accomodation.

       -   Reply
  83. Rose Drover, 8 years ago

    Hi, My name is Roseanna, i’m 18 and live in Canberra. i have worked in the hospitality industry as a kitchen hand, waitress and customer service since i was 15. I went on a holiday to the whitsundays when i was 16 and absolutely loved it. I am really looking for a job as anything you want, reception, bar(i have my RSA), Kitchen hand, sales assistant in retail(i am currently working at Just Jeans) or for any shop at all! I have great customer service skills and working on the Whitsunday islands or in Airlie would be a dream come true! I am interested in the 2009 summer holidays of my uni, but would gladly defer if the jobs needed me to. Please reply if anything at all comes up. cheers! Rose

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  84. Rebekah & Nakye, 8 years ago


    A friend and I are extremely interested in any casual/part time employment on an island starting mid November. We both hold our RSA certificates.

    Rebekah- 4 years experience in hospitality
    Nakye- 3 years as a lifeguard and swimming instructor

    We would need accommodation also.

    Kind Regards.

       -   Reply
  85. Jessica Stuart, 8 years ago

    My name is Jessica Stuart, I am 19 and I am currently seeking work on one of the Whitsunday islands for a minimum of four months. I am outgoing and hard-working. Preferably a house keeping position as I have 4 years experience as a cleaner at a four and a half star hotel in Ocean Grove, Victoria. Very good reference from current employer.I would require accomodation.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

       -   Reply
  86. Jessie Jane, 7 years ago


    Jessie from NZ. I am a 25 year old female looking for a job over the summer in hospitality, photography or bars. I am a qualified Graphic Designer who has just finished a 6 month contact as a photographer on a P&0 cruise ship. I have bar and promotional experience too.

    I am hard working and energetic.

    I will need accommodation. I am happy to pass on my cv. I am connectable by email.

       -   Reply
  87. Matthew Pavli, 7 years ago


    My I’m Matthew and I’m 20 years old. I am a student looking for some work from the beginning of January till February. I have experience working in kitchens, in journalism and many other areas! Accommodation would be required.

       -   Reply
  88. Adam Jaunutis, 7 years ago

    Hi i’mAdam 24year old, with 6 years experience as a maintenance fitter. Also with a wide knowledge of fishing. looking for anything in a maintenance or handyman role, or in the marine industry. Would also need accomodation. Thankyou.

       -   Reply
  89. Joanna, 7 years ago

    Hello, I’m Joanna.
    Just Finished School And Searching For a Job.
    I’m Qualified In Beauty And Hospitality. And Have Lots Of Experience In Both Industries.
    Looking Forward To Hearing from You.

       -   Reply
  90. Leigh Price, 7 years ago

    Hi, my name is Leigh Price, I’m a fully qualified hairdresser i am looking for a postion within the hair and beauty industry, i have been working for 5 years in upper class salons in the sydney region, i am 20 years old, i have all qualifications within hairdressing plus extra courses etc, waxing, peircing, barbers and colour. i am the manager of my currant salon, i look forward to hearing back from you.

       -   Reply
  91. Joel Martin and Sadie Wood, 7 years ago

    Hi there we are looking for work on an island in the hospitality trade we both have lots of experience working in bars and restaurants and have managerial/supervisory experience but we would be happy to take anything. we would prefer accommodation but we would share the same room. thanks for your time we hope to hear from you soon.

       -   Reply
  92. Jana, 7 years ago

    Good morning. I am Jana and i am 23. I have a working holiday visa and i am looking for a job in hospitality on the Whitsundays. I worked 3 years for InterContinental Berlin and did an apprentenceship there before i came to australia last year. I worked for a greek restaurant and Kathmandu in Melbourne. I would like to sent you my references. I m looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you so much. Kind regards Jana

       -   Reply
  93. Ben, 7 years ago

    Hi i’m Ben, currently 20years old and studing in New Zealand. Was wondering if during the summer of 2010-11 me and a mate would be able to find a job in the whitsundays area. Not fussed about what the job entails. Would finding work be problematic?


       -   Reply
  94. Corinne, 7 years ago

    Hello my name is corinne i was wondering if there was any postions vacant for Bartending/Cocktail Waitress Reception or Hospitality Jobs On one of the whitsunday islands with accom? comment if interested

       -   Reply
  95. Meg, 7 years ago

    Hi there, I’m 20yo and my friend is 21yo and we are interested in working in the whitsundays area in the coming summer. We’re after any type of work, both having an RSA cert and various types of work experience. Would there be a lot of work available at that time? We would also need accommodation. Look forward to hearing from you!

       -   Reply
  96. Alexander Dalziel, 7 years ago

    Hola, 18 year-old looking for some bar work this summer. RSA, RSG and have attended a short course at the Australian School of Bartening. Currently work behind bar in a local pub and bar assistant/kitchenhand in a spanish restaurant. Resume and references are available: dazzle.91@hotmail.com or call 0458 515 966

       -   Reply
  97. Sally, 7 years ago

    Hi 🙂
    I’m Sally, an enthusuastic 18 year old just about to finish the HSC. Beginning a gap year in late feburary 2011, wondering the availability of jobs in the Whitsunday locality(ranging from waitressing, cleaning, kitchen hand…) from late december to mid feburary 2011, to gain further experience and strive for opportunity in my break. Previous experience in catering companies and NZN icecreamery, completing RSA soon. If there is any vacancy or opportunity, please contact me 🙂

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  98. Jade, 6 years ago

    My name is Jade, I am 22 and recently single and looking for a fresh start, working at a resort was always something that interested me and I feel that if I am ever going to do it now is the time.
    I have no hospitality experience, however I am committed and learn quickly, I have alot experiance in customer service and I am friendly and outgoing.
    I currently reside in canberra so if possible I would like a position that offers accomodation.
    I understand that at this stage positions for the current and up coming seasons may be filled, however I am also happy to wait until next year to start.
    I am looking forward to discussing what options may be avilible for me.
    Thank you.

       -   Reply
  99. Tahlia, 6 years ago


    area: whitsundays / cairns

    2 x Mature hard working 20 y.o girls seeking employment in hospitality field, willing to take any offer, prefer to work and live at same establishment, but not ness.

    experienced,aus perm resident, requiring end oct – begin nov start, even a nudge in the right direction ie recruitment agencies, resorts seeking summer employees, jobs, accomodation \ etc.



       -   Reply
  100. Tayla Edmunds, 6 years ago

    Hi there, my name is Tayla and i am currently a student at the University of Sydney and am enquiring to work in the Whitsundays during my summer break for three months from the end of November till March. Would love to hear from you, i am more tha happy to send my resume if needed!

       -   Reply
  101. Renee, 6 years ago

    Hi I am Renee, 18 years old and a current university student from Birsbane. A friend and I are looking for any type work over the christmas break on one of the islands. Both my friend and I have work experince and hold our RSA’s. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you

       -   Reply
  102. Daniel, 6 years ago

    Hi im Daniel and im a qualified primary school teacher and im looking for work in this area. My partner is a psychology student and she is also looking for work. We are happy to work in any industry

       -   Reply
  103. DL-Phenylalanine Side Effects :, 6 years ago

    just be careful with some recruitmet agencies because some of them are scammers too “”

       -   Reply
  104. Kristy sherwen, 6 years ago

    Hi there, am looking for summer employment, coming over from New Zealand on the 27th November. Looking for hospitality, waitressing, childcare or retail work. Could you shed any light on how to get employment have been trying all the resort websites.


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  105. Bath Towels, 6 years ago

    you should always be careful with recruitment agencies because some of them are just scammers ,`’

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  106. Stephanie, 6 years ago

    Hi there,

    I am 18 and currently studying at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga. I am looking into the Whitsunday area for a seasonal, casual job throughout the summer break- from the start of December til the end of February. My friend is also interested and think it would be ideal to also gain work at the Whitsundays as we are interested to travel there.
    We would be interested in gaining work in waitressing, bar attendant, cleaning or other things suitable.
    Also would need accomodation if successful if acquired a job.

    Thanks, hope to hear from something soon .


       -   Reply
  107. Matt, 6 years ago


    I’m 22 and seeking a summer-break (End of November-Beginning of March) job in the Whitsundays. I have a lifetime of experience concerning anything to do with recreational water activities, as well as restaurant/barista training. I also have my RSA and am very keen to work as much as i can during the break.
    I know i will be a valuable asset to your company.

    Awaiting your reply.

       -   Reply
  108. Donna MacErlich, 6 years ago

    Good Afternoon,

    I am 23 years old i Have 8 years experience in customer service and a Certificate in Tourism and Travel. I have been to 2 of the Islands just off Airley and loved it and would love to start my career on one of the fantastic resorts. I have a little bit of work experience behind the bar, and in the hospitality area. I am origionally from New Zealand but currently living in Thailand starting my overseas travel and would like to head to Australia as my next destination. I would like to than k you for you time and look foward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Yours Faithfully
    Donna L macErlich

       -   Reply
  109. Brendan, 6 years ago

    I’m very pleased with the content on your web blog. I recieve a lot of thoughts to help me.

       -   Reply
  110. Amber, 5 years ago

    Hi I am looking for a job for me and my partner (I am 23 and my boyfriend is 22). We are both travelling from over seas from Canada and have been in Australia for 9 months now and will be staying for another year starting in January. I have 6 years of Customer Service/Tourism experience working in various retail outlets plus working at different Ski Resorts (selling tickets, answering phones etc..) and a Fishing Lodge where I floated around housekeeping, gardening, prep cooking and serving food to the guests.
    My partner Jordon was an Assistant Manager at McDonalds for 4 years, he also worked as a waiter and also has retail experience.
    We would both really love the opportunity to come and work in hospitality and think it would be a really great experience for us to meet new people and explore Australia 🙂
    Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!

       -   Reply
  111. Sheree Latimer, 5 years ago

    Hi there,

    My partner of six years and I are moving over to Australia at the beginning of 2012 from New Zealand. After a crazy year of living with earthquakes in Christchurch we are looking to slow down and find casual summer work from January to the end of March. We both have University degrees (Bachelor of Performing Arts & Bachelor Education (Physical Education) and can offer great customer service skills. We would be really keen to hear about any hospitality/Fitness causal vacancies during these months.

    We are very mature people who are looking for a bit of a break after a long year of study and earthquake stress. We are highly skilled and motivated individuals who are hard working and committed to achieving highly.

    We look forward to your reply!

       -   Reply
  112. Jessica Buxton, 5 years ago

    Hi, looking for a job in catering or bar tending. I am experienced and ready to start whenever!

       -   Reply
  113. Jennifer O'Leary, 5 years ago

    My name is Jennifer O’Leary. I’m eighteen years old; I will be turning nineteen in September. I’m from Cork City which is in the South of Ireland. I have been accepted into the University of Ulster, in Northern Ireland to study International Public Relations with Marketing, Advertising and German. I have been studying German for six years and I’m nearly fluent. I’m deferring my course and I have decided to take a gap year. I have decided to travel to Australia, I have been there before and it’s my favourite country. I will be entering the country on a twelve month working holiday visa.
    I am a strong, confident, extremely sporty young lady. I have been a waitress part-time during the school year and full time every summer for the last for years. I have huge communication skills with customers and I have huge knowledge on different types of food menus. I would absolutely love the opportunity to bring these skills with me to Hamilton Island. I also want to learn new skills. I’m arriving in Australia in September and I’m available to start work straight away until July 2013.

       -   Reply
  114. Ashleigh Schiemer, 5 years ago

    Hey =)
    My name is Ashleigh Schiemer and im really interested in a summer job on my break from uni. I have worked in the local rsl club and restaurant for 4 years now and currently hold my RSA and RCG certificates. Besides this experience i have also held positions in retail such as in a chemist as a sales assistant when i was younger. I’m an Australian citizen and would love an opportunity to experience such a beautiful place. I also have a certificate 2 in hospitality operations and am pretty much happy to do anything! I’m a friendly, relate-able and proffessional person so please consider me!

       -   Reply
  115. Nicole Anderson, 4 years ago

    Hi my name is Nicole. I am an Aussie and have just moved to Proserpine to find work as a high school teacher. However, I have 2 months off, from mid November through til the end of January and am looking for work on the islands!! I am interested in cleaning, service attendant and activity attendant work. However in saying that I am not picky and willing to try anything 🙂 I am happy, bubbly, well presented and a hard worker. Please contact me if any opportunites arise!

       -   Reply
  116. johnny nasari, 4 years ago

    hi my name johnny nasari am looking for work with my partner debbie newton which i am a chef by trade plus i do mobile car detailer & we both have our RSA so we both can do bar work debbie is in office work plus she does medical work as well cleaning we both do as well where can we send our resumes too.

       -   Reply
  117. ALBERTO, 4 years ago

    Hi my name is Alberto. I am from Madrid (Spain) and have just moved to Melbourne 2 mounths ago to improve my English during 8 mounths. From 21 of december I have month off, til the end of January and am looking for work on the islands!! I am interested in cleaning, service attendant and activity attendant work and anything. I am easygoing, friendly, well presented and a hard worker. Please contact me! 😀

       -   Reply
  118. Skye Elizabeth Dunning, 3 years ago

    Hi there, My name is Skye Dunning, I have recently completed my Cert II in Tourism at Rosny College Tasmania.

    I would love to join your team and start to build myself a career.
    I would love to do any occupation as i see it a great experience and a wonderful learning experience.

    Please feel free to contact me any time day or night 🙂


    Thank you 🙂

       -   Reply
  119. Ayana, 3 years ago

    Hello I am Ayana 24 years old female from Japan.
    I am looking for job especially in resort because it will become strong experience to to work and learn about hospitality in overseas after I go back to Japan.
    I have experienced wait staff for six years in Japan and also I have worked as a leader of waitress.
    So I have strong confidence with my customer service.
    Also I am interested in housekeeping job, even though I have never worked as it.
    If you have an available position in wait staff/housekeeping, please have an interview for me.

       -   Reply

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